Freier TUS – Regensburg 10.12.2022

The previous weeks had been filled with doom and gloom about the future of the freier tus  after the last tenant did a midnight flit and rode off into the sunset. We hadn’t got a clue whether we would play or not, first it was in summer and then finally it got moved to December into an already packed calendar of Christmas markets and general jolliness, tinsel and trinkets.  But this place has been our home for so many years now that I can’t remember how many, it’s where we have our practice room and bring new ideas to fruition before taking them out on the road, and a place that we hold dear in our hearts. Once a year we do a concert, either in Summer or, like in this case, in Winter for the Summerfest or, you’ve guessed, the Winterfest.

The preceding weeks didn’t auger well for the big night. After practice we had a meeting with the new landlord, where it was explained that he would need catering staff and, if people wanted to eat, something that looked like a menu. He nodded, and it was plainly obvious that little of what was said was understood or comprehended. OK, so off we went and waited.

Wolfgang had built up the stage with podium and banner on the previous evening and so we set about finishing it off, pa. amps, keyboard, drums and fairy lights. It should be a magical Santa experience. No, just joking. But we did have fairy lights, just go and look at the photos!

At opening time every table was full, we needed have worried about anyone turning up, and, surprise, surprise there was a menu. Praise be! Something to eat. All players at the tus helped out as catering staff and so everything was set, all we had to do now was entertain.

Oh, man – it was then that it occurred to me that the gig was on at the same time as the football – England vs. France for the semi-final place. But God bless Peter, he kept me informed of the state of the game with regular bulletins in my ear. We obviously played better than England, we won!

One more thank you has to go to Guiseppe, who not only photographed us in a good light, but also repaired the heating in the ‘backstage area’.

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