Schwarzenfeld 13.01.2018

Right then, a new year and the first gig with a few new songs in the portfolio. The premiere of new songs live on stage is completely different to learning them in the practice room or at home, all of the lyrics seem to mysteriously dissapear from the memory, as though you have never seen them before. So,there was a certain nervousness underlying the normal excitement.

Also a new venue. The Tanzstadl in Schwarzenfeld. If you’ve ever googled it and looked at the pictures online, you would never believe that there is still such a venue alive and kicking. a big function room with a certain 80s charm, complete with little red lamp clusters and ultraviolet dandruff exposing lights. The stage is 2 tiered, not big, but big enough to fit all 5 musicians on stage, but also not large enough to allow anyone to throw any rockstar shapes and moves. A good lighting rig and pa was available and also a mixer came with it. A good start.

The landlord met us with good humour and offered us drinks straight away. After the mixer arrived, he surrounded the drum kit completely with mics, much to andi’s amusement, and then proceeded to cable up all the instruments and set sound levels. It was a good soundcheck, and we tried out the new material. It went well and so we for something to eat relaxed and looking forward to the evening. Curry wurst and Schnitzel consumed, we awaited the expected influx of guests. Boredom crept in and so Martin and myself examined the band cards that were placed over the bar, which had obviously not been looked at in a long time;  dust covered names like Niki and Los Duo Dorado, names that conjure up a certain horror among musicians.

And still we waited. Then waited a bit more. After that, we waited. The gig was due to commence at 9, but we waited  a bit longer until maybe more people arrived, but they didn’t. We started with more people on the stage than in the audience. But, we rocked and the people started to stream into the hall, until there about 20 people there. We played well. There audience were fantastic, they all joined in and made it a memorable evening. The landlord snd people who spoke to us positively euphoric and also a tiny bit embaressed because of the indifference of the people of Schwarzenfeld. They complain that there is nothing happening and when there is something, they don’t vist it. But, we’ll be back and next time, I’m sure the place will be packed. Word of mouth.

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